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Although paper checks are not widely used anymore, business name checks are an important part of establishing the financial reputation and stability of your company. How a company is perceived by both consumers and other companies depends largely on their financial status and how responsible they are with managing money.

The Importance of Business Banking and Business Checks

business-name-checks-1One of the first steps after registering a new business name is to open a business checking account. This does more to legally established your company as an entity separate from yourself and allows you to keep both positive and negative financial events separate from your personal finance.

A business account allows you to receive payments, send professional invoices, and write business name checks. They represent an essential method for issuing payments or refunds to companies or consumers who do not accept electronic payments or credit. The Small Business Administration shares some tips on how a business account helps.

What Should a Professional Business Name Check Include?

All checks used with the business account should reflect the nature of the company. In most cases, a solid color or pale print in beige, off-white, pale blue, or tan is best. These are acceptable professional colors. If you run a creative type of business or one that pushes a certain style, more colorful or graphic-based business name checks may work better.

business-name-checks-3Every check should prominently display the business name, physical address if there is one, website address, or contact information. The bank you hold an account at can help determine what will fit in the upper left-hand corner of the business name check.

Besides the usual lines for recipient’s name, amounts, and signature or stamp, a business check can also include the company logo or a slogan. These extra features allow the company to expand its positive reputation and increase customer or client loyalty.