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For your business or organization to remain relevant and competitive in today’s market, you need to do or take a few measures to grab the attention of the public. Potential clients and customers care about your services as well as what you look like. This means as a small business owner you will need to focus on your branding strategy in an entirely new way. Custom business checks offer quite some advantages that you are probably not aware of. Below are some of the advantages to consider;

Advantages of Custom Business Checks

  • business-check-2For Appropriate Financial Practices

Most business owners encounter complications especially when it comes to tax time. This is because they do not have their personal and business income and expenses clear. Once your personal and business finances are jumbled it becomes almost impossible to tell the progress of your business. Custom business checks make it easier to keep your personal and business income and expenses separate. This makes bookkeeping a lot much easier and when it’s tax time you have your personal and business expenses separate.

  • Security Purposes

Since a business check bears your business name, contact and address unlike personal checks which bear your personal information, it offers a layer of security not offered by personal checks. This becomes very important especially in instances where you are dealing with strangers. Some banks insist that business checks issued be printed instead of handwritten for more security measures. This goes a long way in protecting your business from fraud.

  • Portrays Legality of Business.

As a client, when you pay your expenses using a check carrying a business name, you will possibly lend the business credibility. Custom business checks give clients and also the potential ones’ indications that you are a serious business. Winning this credibility is not easily achieved when you use personal checks. With the up rise of scams and fraudsters, customers are suspicious of anyone who is unable to back their claims of running a legitimate business. According to the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI), $18.7 billion is lost annually to check fraud. Custom business checks give your business an upper hand in the market.


Not only does custom business checks serve your business for banking purposes, but it is also an effective marketing strategy. This is because your check ends up in the hands of multiple individuals as from the cashier to manager and bank employees. All these people are potential clients exposed to your marketing message.