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A business checking account is one of the first recommendations an advisor or consultant makes for business owners just starting. Once the account has been opened, it’s important to seek out professional check printing services. Deluxe business checks offers specialized printing services for a business owner. Here are some key considerations everyone should have in mind when designing your first check.

Branding must be consistent

branding1Professional, consistent branding is one of the most often overlooked aspects in check printing. It’s always important to consider the corporate letterhead, business cards and any other branded items the business uses in everyday transactions. Making sure that the color scheme is consistent on the checks before making your first order is important as vendors become familiar with your brand.

Check security is a must

Fraudulent checks are issued on behalf of businesses every day. Fraudulent checks can costs your business thousands once the pertinent banking information gets in the wrong hands. Your business checks from Deluxe checking printing will be watermarked. This feature is important in that it makes it very difficult for others to duplicate them accurately. Reactive paper and imaging with high resolution makes it difficult to reproduce, since this technology isn’t accessible. Taking advantage of special inks and other features offered by deluxe business checks provides another level of additional security.

The logo should be prominent

logo2The logo should always be present on any communication issued from the company. A prominent logo builds credibility and fosters familiarity. Having a logo printed on a check also makes it difficult to reproduce. An investment in check printing with logos conveys professionalism. If the time between the very first interaction with a company and first transaction is significant, professionally branded checks can be helpful in re-acquainting the vendor or customer with the brand.

All companies should invest in professional business checking. When ordering checks, elements like the branding and security should be taken into account. Place your first order of deluxe business checks today.